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March 10

“As we let go of old ways of approaching life, and trust that God will reveal new ways, many of us begin to have a greater vision of what our life in recovery could be.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 43

My Higher Power recently relieved my character defect of fear of being alone. I was given the strength and courage to end an unhealthy relationship. I am a forty-year-old woman and, for the first time since I was a twelve-year-old girl, I am alone without a boyfriend.

I took some suggestions and wrote down my life goals and aspirations: travel, pay off student loans, help my daughter pay for college, foster healthy female friendships, spend time with family. I was amazed to realize that not one of my aspirations involved a man. My addict’s primary goal was to seek acceptance and attention from men no matter the cost.

This new freedom is a gift from my Higher Power from doing the work of recovery. I have moments of weakness, which help remind me that I am still a sex addict. I pray for my Higher Power to remove my shortcomings, and I am now able to focus on my true goals and aspirations.

I am willing to do the footwork of recovery so that I will be ready if and when God removes my character defects.