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March 15

“Diversity of thought and opinion helps make our service work vital and creative. The First Tradition channels this creative energy towards a single goal: the welfare of recovering sex addicts.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 78

At first glance, this tradition may seem clear enough: the principle of unity—being in accord, harmonious, undivided. Yet the connection to music implied by a synonym of unity, namely, harmony, calls to mind not the copy, but rather the sum of many voices, or many parts, joining to create something greater.

In our fellowship, our individual voices can clash with one another when we insist that we have the only right way, and this can become restrictive, disharmonious, or one-note. If we had just one voice, we would not have a vital, ever-growing community of fellowship. Our voices can remain distinct, yet join together to create something complimentary to the broader message, or song, of SAA. As with singing, layering our distinct experiences, strengths, and hopes becomes a beautiful blending that transforms and uplifts our message.

How can I have a clear, unique voice in our fellowship that compliments and enriches the wider message of Sex Addicts Anonymous?