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March 20

“Honesty is the foundation on which all further progress is based.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 23

Honesty and the truth are things I’ve struggled with my whole life. Keeping the truth hidden about who and what I really am, even to those closest to me, was something I held onto with great fear. As an addict, I also told lies to impress upon other people that I was a better person then I believed myself to be.

Who is it I long to be? I can choose to become a person of integrity—authentic and honest at all times. I have come far enough to understand that, in order to become this kind of person, I need to have rigorous honesty in my program, my recovery, and my life. First, I need to be honest with my Higher Power and myself, then let the honesty of my true being flow through to those closest to me—a sponsor, friends in recovery, and family.

Without rigorous honesty, I am holding myself back from the will of my Higher Power. When I tell a lie or omit the truth, I fall back into self-hatred and disease, separating myself from God and those closest to me. This is always a result of my will. God’s will, however, will lead me to a sense of peace and contentment. The more aware I become of my dishonesty, the more motivated and able I am to work honesty into my life.

I can live the saying “the truth shall set you free”—free to become a person of integrity, living God’s will, one day at a time.