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March 27

“Cultivating self-acceptance along the way is an important tool in recovery.”

Tools of Recovery, page 31

I want more sobriety. I want to be a big shot. I want to be liked. I want more money. I want things to go my way. I want it now. Look at all of these “I” thoughts with me in the center of the universe!

Acceptance leads me to serenity and allows me to be peaceful, not lustful or greedy. Impatience is a selfish act. Wanting things to be different—that is an illusion.

What is the cost of doing things my way or imposing my will on people and situations? What is the cost of not looking out for myself, of giving into fear, or creating a test I cannot pass?

Today I take care of myself. I care about my suffering and other people’s suffering. I won’t believe in the lies of the past that defined me as bad or good. I trust my Higher Power to show me the way.

I pray to connect with my source, and may patience and acceptance fill my heart.