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March 7

“With anonymity as our foundation, we dedicate our efforts to something much greater than any one of us.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 96

We have but one primary purpose: carrying the message of recovery to the addict who still suffers. The Twelfth Tradition lets each of us set aside our personal identities to focus on the spiritual principles of this program. Thus, I can perform selfless service, knowing that my identity is safe and secure. Besides protecting my identity, anonymity allows me to be part of a process that is far greater than my individual efforts. Without my personal desires and ambitions on the agenda, I can contribute my best judgment and experience, and then wait on a loving God to be expressed in our informed group conscience.

Ironically, letting go of power strengthens my participation in the work of my group. I feel a stronger sense of purpose when I let go of control. Our deliberations have a spiritual foundation as we let God guide us to a higher good. Synergy increases the results of our efforts far better than we could achieve individually.

As I grow spiritually, I grow in recovery. I can set the example of recovery without letting my “self” get in the way.

Today, I thank God for the anonymity that allows me to perform selfless service with freedom and safety.