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March 8

“The spirit of unity prevents disagreements from turning into quarrels, factions, or destructive personal conflicts. We cultivate tolerance and good will towards other members, holding the welfare of the group above our own personal preferences, desires, or opinions.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 78

At times, there are rifts in our fellowship. Perhaps people do not like how a meeting is run, so they start a new meeting. Sometimes there is gossip, judgment, or criticism among our members despite our best efforts to avoid these character defects.

While I cannot control other people, I can and must look at my own behavior. In order for there to be unity, I must do my part. If I find myself in criticism and judgment, I do a quick Tenth Step spot check. I talk to my sponsor and others in the program about my own behavior, not that of others. I surrender my character defects humbly to the God of my understanding and make my best effort to live from the spiritual principles of love, tolerance, and gratitude.

My program of recovery makes a difference to our community as a whole. Today I work the best program I can for my own sobriety and the unity of our fellowship.