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May 11

“Slippery behaviors are things we do that expose us to triggers. They may not be sexual themselves, but they put us at risk to
act out.”


When I drive through the section of town where I used to act out, I need to focus on my legitimate business there or avoid going altogether. My sponsor recommended “geographical creativity” in planning my travels so that I avoid those areas of acting out. I devised other routes to travel to business destinations.

I have discovered new neighborhoods in town that I heretofore had missed. Serendipitously, I even found a coffee shop on one of the new routes across town where they have a unique dark roast coffee that I have come to love. Now, I go out of my way to use the new path. I am convinced that God rewarded me because I chose an alternate route—a route that is even more desirable than the slippery routes.

Today I ask my Higher Power to guide me to non-slippery paths, which turn out to be more pleasant than the slippery paths of the past.