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May 17

“Any small effort we make to slow down and listen is a step towards connecting with our Higher Power, and will bear fruit in time.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 57

I have often tried, and found I could not find my Higher Power. No one in the past could tell me where or what it was. I knew I would never find it outside myself.

I started praying long before I began meditating, so praying was easy. Did I have to know where the prayers were going? Not so much.

It took awhile to understand that the only place to find the God of my understanding was in the moment. The gateway to the moment was stillness of mind and body.

Sitting in a quiet place, gently breathing in and out, watching my thoughts and emotions, at first like an action movie, slowly drifting into melodrama, and ending with a love story. And then just quiet stillness.

Living neither in the past nor the future, I let myself be where I am.