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May 30

“Without needing to completely understand our Higher Power, we can accept and use this Power in order to find freedom from our addiction. Our belief that recovery is possible gives us the strength to take action.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 28

When I first encountered the notion of sanity in Step Two, I was skeptical. I could not grasp the idea that I could be restored to something I was pretty sure I never had and could not define.

Working Step Two formally, several times (after every relapse), and practicing this step regularly, have shown me that what I thought was complicated and improbable is really very simple when I accept the following as true:

1) God actually exists.

2) God really cares about me.

3) God is capable of restoring me to sanity.

4) God wants to restore me to sanity.

5) Sanity is possible in this world.

6) I am worth being restored to sanity.

7) I am willing to believe and willing to be restored to sanity.

I am grateful today. I am still a work in progress, but because of Step Two, I am being restored to sanity by a loving Higher Power.

I have reason to be grateful today.