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May 7

“As a fellowship, our commitment is to the common welfare of recovering sex addicts everywhere. The First Tradition makes it clear that each member’s recovery depends on the strength of that commitment.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 79

I love and hate this tradition, just as I have a love-hate relationship with recovery. I love that my addiction is bringing me into a new way of living, with the promise of spiritual transformation, yet I hate that I am powerless over, and limited by my addiction. I hate that I cannot recover alone, yet I love experiencing unity in this program. If I could do it alone, I would never have the privilege and power of sharing in that unity. And I can experience that unity at every meeting when we pray together.

We are united by a common problem, for a common goal, and in a common faith that a Power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity. In the rich diversity of experience, beliefs, opinions, values, and preferences in our fellowship, I find a powerful spiritual principle in the unity of this program. This tradition reminds me that my individual welfare depends upon our common welfare. My commitment must be to “cultivate tolerance and good will,” to let a spirit of unity oversee disagreements. Without this unity, I will lose recovery, and I will find myself “isolated and alone…spiritually empty.” Been there, done that.

I need us so I can find a new life. May I be mindful of what we share.