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November 16

“Sex addicts like to rationalize a behavior by saying I’m only hurting myself.…First, you have to ask yourself why is that okay?”


I have asked myself many times, “Do I really belong in SAA?” The main excuse I use to prove I don’t belong is that I’m not hurting anyone but myself. I am single and have no family. No one knows my secrets; therefore they don’t exist. This is wrong.

I do belong. My secrets are hurting me. When I come into the group and share my secrets, I realize the power they have had over my life. I see more clearly the hurt that my addiction caused. When I go to meetings and talk to other addicts, I get in touch with how much my spiritual nature has been damaged by acting out.

I’ve heard it said that if a heart doesn’t have a place to break it gets harder. Sharing openly with other sex addicts softens my heart and reminds me of where I belong.

Today I will reach out to someone in my program because I belong.