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November 18

“It is to be expected that from time to time, you will feel irritated with people both in and out of SAA.”

Tools of Recovery, page 32

My two children many times will say, “He’s irritating me!” My canned answer has always been, “Only you can allow yourself to be irritated.” However, I often find that I don’t take that advice myself.

I’ve found it beneficial, if not essential, to remember that I can’t control the actions of others. I can only control my reaction to the situation (God, grant me the serenity…) The first SAA prayer I learned is often the first one I forget in dealing with life on life’s terms.

When I remember to use the Serenity Prayer, I sometimes get immediate clarity on what’s mine to be concerned with. Even when I don’t get that immediate clarity, I often find that I’ve gotten through a difficult situation with my serenity intact.

God, help me listen to the wisdom behind the Serenity Prayer, and let it not be only a chant after my meetings.