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November 20

“It does mean that you are a female pioneer in recovery from sexual addiction.”

“Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer”

Some years ago, we would have been hard pressed to find more than a few women here and there in our program. That is changing rapidly. However, it is still quite common for only one or two women to be in any meeting and yes, it can be scary, especially in the beginning.

I keep in mind that sex addiction is an equal opportunity disease, affecting all genders and every walk of life. Both men and women in the room are there for a common purpose—recovery. I also keep in mind that there is nothing between me and the door, and if I feel triggered, frightened, threatened, or uncomfortable in any way, I am free to walk out.

Normally, however, I find that at least one man in the group goes out of his way to make me feel welcome and safe. Pretty soon, another woman will come along and I can be the one with open arms.

God, keep me strong in unfamiliar situations and a blessing to others when I can.