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November 7

“I cannot restore myself to sanity, so my recovery and my life depend on a combination of surrender, footwork, and grace. God gives me guidance in my life if I look for it.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 178

I used to think that, if I could just get a few areas of my life to go the way I wanted, I could control the whole thing. Fortunately, that illusion got me to the rooms of SAA and the door to a new way of life. Walking into my first meeting was the beginning of a practice that has never let me down.

I started in desperation. Now my experience and my desire for a new way of life strengthens my relationship with a loving and much Higher Power. When I am willing to relinquish the perception of control and the insistence on knowing the answers or the outcomes, I receive a gift of freedom.

Today, I trust that God has the answers.