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November 8

“There are some behaviors which, if not addressed, will eventually lead us back to our inner circle. We call these ‘boundary behaviors.’”

“Three Circles”

When I pray each morning to be shown God’s will for today, I call upon my own higher self as well as consulting with a power greater than myself. Prayer and meditation are part of my routine upon awakening, and I can carry them with me throughout my day.

When a difficult person or situation crosses my path, I can make a choice to respond from my recovery or to react in my disease. Learning about my boundary behaviors is an ongoing process, and I am lovingly shown how to recognize these old habits that I no longer need in my life. If someone flirts with me or crosses my physical boundaries, I can pause and maintain my spiritual connection. When thoughts surface that, in the past, seemed like a good idea, I can check in with my Higher Power to determine what fits for me now.

Using prayer and meditation throughout my day to stay spiritually connected allows God a consistent opportunity to communicate with me. People are God’s language, and my Higher Power talks to me through those who challenge me, as well as through sponsors and other program members. It’s possible that someone on my path who seems like an obstacle may be a gift sent to help me learn more about my boundaries.

Higher Power, please show me what you want me to see, tell me what you want me to know, challenge me where you want me to grow, and carry me through all that I do as I go through this day.