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October 10

“And by sharing our recovery, we offer hope and show that there is a way out of our common addiction.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 60

Before coming to SAA, I did not believe recovery was possible for me. I had the addict notion that I was terminally unique. In SAA, I came to understand that such thinking is egocentric and that a spiritual awakening is in store for me if I follow the Twelve Steps.

Someone had to be there to carry the message to me. The first meeting I went to was vacant—no one was there. Fortunately, I did not give up and found a wonderful network of people at other meetings. And, fortunately, the person I asked to sponsor me said yes! I am eternally grateful to her for sharing the message of recovery in word and example.

Now I have the opportunity to carry the message of recovery to other sex addicts. What a great joy! I talked to my first sponsee last night. I know it is imperative that I carry the message to her—not for her sake, but for mine. In working Step One with her, I remember what it was like, and in so doing, remember that, no matter how long I’m sober, I can act out again in a flash because I am a sex addict. Carrying the message keeps me sober and helps the still-suffering addict find a solution. What an ingenious program!

I am filled with the joy and awe of carrying the message to the sex addict who still suffers. Thank you, God, for this blessed opportunity!