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October 19

“For example, work may require that an employee use the Internet, or an SAA member might live with other people who subscribe to an online service. If we had legitimate need for Internet access, we found it helpful to be accountable to a sexually sober member of the fellowship.”

“Sexual Sobriety and the Internet”

Filtering software, passwords, using only public Internet access—these are some of the methods I used to try to control my compulsive sexual use of the Internet. I found that, until the compulsion to act out had been removed, there was always a way around these controls.

In the end, the answer to acting out with the Internet was, for me, the same as any other acting out—a spiritual experience that relieved me of the compulsion to act out. The spiritual experience started when I was able to admit complete powerlessness and surrender my addiction to a power greater than myself.

Victory comes from complete defeat.