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October 25

“One way in which God’s love has been evident is the support I have received from friends with whom I have been honest.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 269

I have long had difficulties with authority figures, and in some part of my mind, God is the ultimate authority figure. When I think of all the suffering in this world, I may ask, “Where is God?” So I also bring trust issues with God.

However, through recovery, I have developed a sense of gratitude. I am especially grateful for the recovery relationships I have come to cherish. These friends accept me, no matter how crazy I am at that moment. They listen to me without judgment, and trust me to do the same for them. We share experience, strength, and hope; and we heal.

Program friends are gifts from God. All I have to do is be open to the opportunities, accept them with gratitude, show up, and be honest. Here is tangible proof that God wants to see me healed and is willing to use me to help heal others. What more proof do I need that God truly loves me? God wants healing, and the healing grows out of a beautiful dance among my friends and me.

When I am open to the gifts God is presenting me, I experience healing and discover gratitude. I am grateful to be grateful.