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October 6

“The real fears of life which we did not face—losing a job, financial insecurities, death of a loved one, rejection by someone significant in our life—seemed far, far away.”

“The Bubble”

The slogan “From Shame to Grace” is used many times in our literature and printed on our medallions. This process is one I will continue to practice everyday of my life. When I was young, medicating uncomfortable emotions was a survival skill I carried into adulthood in the form of avoidance, denial, and procrastination. I believe this skill was needed to move past deep emotions of fear, anger, and unworthiness from my youth. Each day with the support of the fellowship of this program, I gain more and more confidence that the God of my understanding will give me the guidance I need to move from shame to grace. My part is willingness.

God, grant me the power and strength to face my fears, both real and imagined, one day and one fear at a time.