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October 8

“No one can judge whether a person is a sex addict, or make decisions about someone’s fitness for membership in SAA. In order to belong, all we need is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior. Since desire is subjective, it can’t be determined by anyone but ourselves.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 81

I began my journey knowing what was wrong but not how to fix it. Something drew me to search online for “sex addiction.” The first web site was SAA. Any other number of sites could have appeared, but something greater than me led me there.

I was skeptical at first, certain there was some requirement that would make the answer unobtainable. I thought, “Surely I had to believe in a specific religion. Or perhaps this was only for those worse or less afflicted than I was.” But no, there it was, printed in black and white—all were accepted, and that included me. It mattered not what Higher Power I believed in, nor how I had acted out. All that mattered was that I knew I was a sex addict and had the desire to stop.

O Higher Power, show me the way to be accepting of your wisdom and of all those who come before and after me into the program.