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September 15

“We don’t need to be experts about life, or even about addiction, in order to sponsor someone. We simply share the knowledge and experience we have gained from working the Twelve Steps and using the tools of the program, and we pass on the wisdom we’ve learned from our own sponsor and others in the fellowship.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 14

Our sponsors share their experience, strength and hope with us, they show us by example how to live in sobriety, and, most importantly, they guide us through the Twelve Steps. Often, we first meet our sponsors when they share at meetings. We identify with them. In a moment of courage, we ask them to be our sponsor. This may be our first act of trust in another human being. Over time, maybe for the first time in our lives, we create a relationship of trust with another person. Our sponsors encourage us, and we begin to learn our true worth.

Our sponsors encourage us to pass this gift on to other recovering sex addicts. When someone asks us to be their sponsor, we say yes because that is what our sponsors did for us. We share freely with our sponsees and guide them through the Twelve Steps. We give away the program of recovery, and we maintain our sexual abstinence. In all things, we remember that we are in the care of the God of our understanding.

Do I seek to learn from my sponsor’s experience and hope? Am I willing to be a sponsor? How have I shared my knowledge and experience with other recovering sex addicts?