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September 18

“The God of my understanding requires that I take action. Just showing up was no longer sufficient. It was time to grow, to put my feet on the ground and not be a victim any longer. Again, easier said than done.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 243

When I was presented with Step Eight, I thought I would just begin. Au contraire. I had reasons to postpone, incidents and accidents. A year later, I had not sincerely even begun.

What was stopping me? In a word, resentment. I believed I had set my resentments aside, but that was not the case. I had to become sincerely ready let go of any excuses, looking only at what I had done, not why I had done it.

This was the spadework for Step Eight. Until I became willing to do it, I did not even begin Step Eight. Willingness was the key. Once I had become willing, everything flowed from there.

Willingness is the key.