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September 19

“By surrendering our addiction to a Higher Power, we receive the gift of recovery, one day at a time.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 1

When I hit bottom, I felt gut-wrenching shame. It was a hopeless feeling that I was trapped, being destroyed, and that there was no way out. As I attended the meetings, learned from my fellow addicts, worked the Steps, and accepted the help and guidance of my sponsor, I learned to surrender my addiction to my Higher Power.

Day by day my life improved. I learned to be present, enjoy the moment, and I found the weight of unhappiness and doom lifted from my shoulders. I learned to have love for myself, and true intimacy with my wife. Day by day, I receive the gift of recovery, and I find peace.

I feel blessed that, one day at a time, my Higher Power gives me this gift of a better life.