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September 24

“The stigma for female sex addicts can be even greater than it is for male addicts, just as it was for female alcoholics in the early years of AA.”

“A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer”

Is it odd or is it God? My acting out was predominantly with men, yet I found myself the only woman at an SAA retreat and conference. It was a joyful and deeply peaceful recovery space to focus and connect with my program and the fellowship. All the people (men) were easy-going and appropriately friendly, and I identified with every share, story, and workshop I experienced.

My recovery from sexual addiction is God-driven. Who but God would come up with such a powerful opportunity? Having so many men to share this path of recovery teaches a new, healing way to connect that surpasses anything I could have imagined for myself.

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience and form relationships that are based on our mutual desire to stay sexually sober and to grow spiritually.