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September 6

“Now I’m hanging out with people who know my secrets, and it’s the safest place I’ve ever been.”

Sex Addicts Anonymous, page 261

Isolation has always been part of my story. Even in recovery I can find myself isolated at work and at home. In the presence of the fellowship, however, I am immediately energized and connected.

It’s not surprising then that I felt even more connected while attending the SAA convention. I felt tremendous strength and support looking around the room and seeing 200 sex addicts all with a familiar problem, history, and sense of belonging. At the convention I began to form friendships and bonds that will continue to grow and develop.

One of the speakers shared the breakdown of his life and eventual surrender. He said that he couldn’t believe that people would still like him after hearing his story. I could connect with his pain and shame, and I was not embarrassed to cry. Neither were other addicts in the room. During the telling of that story, all my anxieties and worries faded, and I felt the power of the program and my Higher Power coming through that speaker.

I sometimes forget the joy and energy I get from connecting with my fellow addicts. I take back my will and end up alone, battling with addiction. My greatest moments have been with other addicts, sharing openly and being vulnerable. Staying connected with others and sharing intimately is the only way I can continue my spiritual journey of recovery. It is truly a gift from God.

I was alone in my addiction, but I am deeply connected in SAA.