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Being Positive

Much attention in early sobriety goes to admitting all our shameful behaviors and all the compulsions from which we have committed to abstain.  We become so focused on what is difficult that we may overlook the successes we have each day.  The tendency to sink into self-loathing or self-pity can be balanced by regularly considering all the ways in which we are showing up for our sobriety.  Being aware of our positive efforts helps to support a compassionate and loving attitude toward ourselves.

Some sponsors suggest that check-ins include an update on what is going well in our program of recovery.  Consider sharing the positive changes you are experiencing in yourself and in your life.  No success is too small to share.  Every positive step is one step closer to a better life.  This practice encourages us to keep our awareness on the solution.  When talking to other members on the phone or after meetings, it is helpful to listen for the success in what we are hearing.  It can be a great gift to remind others of their efforts and their progress.