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Defining the God of Our Understanding

Some find that the act of prayer can become more powerful if we take the time to define who God is for us.  For those who have not found a home in organized religion, this tool can be especially important.  If we are to turn our lives and will over to the care of something, it may be helpful to clarify what that something is.

In SAA, God is defined simply as a power greater than our­selves.  We are free to choose whether we find that power in a traditional form or, for example, in the presence of a sober fellow­ship or in the magnitude of nature.

Try not to be discouraged.  It usually takes time to develop an experience of a Higher Power.  We have found that even the willingness to believe is a powerful beginning that puts us well on the way.  The precise concept of who God is for you is less important than the decision to work toward that relationship.  Open-mindedness is the key here.  If you are having difficulty with this idea, speak to others at meetings who are staying sober and appear to have a positive relationship with their Higher Power.