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Let Go and Let God

When life seems to be more than we can handle or when we feel pulled toward our addiction, reconnecting with our Higher Power is a powerful course of action.  Ask for help, let it go, and give it to God.  Many use the prayers located in Appendix C.  For guidance, many refer to the section on the Third Step in Sex Addicts Anonymous.  Some use prayers from their own faith.  Some write their own special prayers.

Regardless of what words we use or whether we simply remind ourselves to “let go and let god,” the idea is to acknowl­edge that we are powerless in the face of our addiction and that much of life is out of our control.  We need the help of a Power greater than ourselves.  This help is available to us if we stop trying to run the show.

We have learned over and over that by placing our problems—big and small—in God’s hands, we can have a measure of serenity, and we can maintain sobriety.  The message is not that we sit passively and wait for things to happen.  Rather, it is a shift in our attitude in which we admit that we don’t always know where we should be going or how we should best get there.