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Live and Let Live

It is to be expected that from time to time, you will feel irritated with people both in and out of SAA.  You may not agree with how they conduct their program or how they run a meeting.  They may say or do things you don’t like.  You may not agree with their values or how they relate to others.  When we give into reactions such as condemnation, gossip, or judgment it may compromise our well-being and, if let run riot, threaten our sobriety.

Live and let live reminds us that tolerance is an important quality to develop.  It liberates us from being at the mercy of other people’s behavior.  We learn to turn uncomfortable feelings about others into opportunities to practice keeping our focus on our own lives.  We learn not to be distracted from our primary purpose—recovery from sexual addiction.

The Twelfth Tradition reminds us to place principles before personalities.  We find support in talking to our sponsor and trusted friends.  We practice the Third Step, which reminds us to turn over our struggles with others to our Higher Power.  The Fourth Step invites us to take personal responsibility for our feelings and to look for our part in situations.  We pray for the serenity to accept the things we cannot change.  As we become more adept at living a sober life, we develop interests and activities that fulfill us and bring us joy.  We become less likely to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or saying.  Practicing the tool of Live and let live is key to our serenity.