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Looking at Consequences

One of the hallmarks of the addictive personality is denial, even in the face of overwhelming facts.  Not one of us comes into SAA without some degree of unmanageability in our lives.  We couldn’t see beyond our compulsive sexual thoughts and behaviors even when they threatened our health and well-being and short circuited our lifelong dreams and aspirations.

Some of us have found it helpful to write out an inventory of consequences and carry it with us.  This could include many different aspects of life: emotional, physical, spiritual, family, social, educational, and career.  When we find ourselves heading in the direction of Middle or Inner Circle behavior, we take out the list and read it as an immediate and sobering reminder of where our addictive impulses lead us.  Reading the list allows us to momen­tarily reconsider our plans.  It allows us to stop, get ourselves to a meeting, or make a phone call to an SAA friend.  Sometimes we read it each morning as part of our daily practice.  Staying aware of the consequences of our addiction motivates us to embrace sobri­ety as a foundation for a good life.