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Most sex addicts with long-term abstinence report that their recovery is strengthened by a daily meditation practice.  It can take many different forms.  If you are not sure about how to meditate, speak with others in SAA about their own practices or explore the spirituality section in your local bookstore.  As with prayer, we are free to choose a meditation practice from an established tradition or create one of our own.  It may include moving or sitting still.  A meditation practice is an opportunity to put aside the responsi­bilities and activities of our daily lives.  It need not be complicated; it may simply consist of setting aside a few quiet minutes.  It may be uncomfortable in the beginning.  Take it easy.  Your willingness to try is a great starting place.  Any effort you make toward medita­tion will support your recovery.

Establishing a specific time each day, whether it is upon awakening or the last thing before going to sleep, helps to incor­porate this spiritual practice into our daily life.  As with prayer, some find it helpful to set aside a special spot in their home.  A regular practice helps to keep us balanced during all the ups and downs that life presents.

SAA has published a meditation booklet, Voices in Recovery, that features meditations written by members of the SAA fellowship and based upon SAA literature.