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Outside Resources

At various times, all of us have made use of professionals outside of SAA.  We have seen therapists, doctors, dentists, lawyers, financial advisors, vocational counselors, and many others.  Without this kind of help, many of us would not be living the healthy and balanced lives we now have.  You may hear people in the fellowship offer opinions about the value of particular outside resources.  We are a varied group and come from many different points of view.  SAA does not encourage or discourage you from getting any specific kind of help.  We are responsible for our own choices.  You may find that these outside services support your efforts to stay abstinent.

Once we get sober, some problems do fall away.  At the same time, new ones may reveal themselves.  This is not uncommon.  Addiction may have been a coping mechanism that served to cover up difficult memories or feelings.  During the full-blown chapters of our addiction, some of us may have experienced particularly traumatic or degrading moments.  Our sexual preoccupations may have left us unable to attend to aspects of our health and well-being.  The underlying feelings and consequences of our addiction may not become fully evident until we are abstinent.  If you feel the need for additional help, we encourage you to find it.  We respect each person’s right to decide.