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Thinking a Slip All the Way Through

In the throes of impulses toward Inner Circle behavior, our thinking becomes impaired.  All we can think about is being relieved of our insistent craving.  During these moments, we rarely have the presence of mind to consider the consequences of our sexual compulsions.

When you find yourself considering acting out, stop and think through your plans.  It is important to include all the details of the behavior you want to engage in; and, equally important, its after­math.  By the time you get to the part after the slip, you are likely to see yourself feeling demoralized, facing certain consequences to your health and well-being, and once again having to face the struggles of withdrawal.  Sometimes, this simple exercise is all we need to come to our senses and remember that sex addiction is a dangerous and life-threatening disease.  We can then find the will­ingness to pick up the many tools of recovery that help us stay sober and choose healthier ways of dealing with the challenges of life.