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Three Things a Day

Making a commitment to use the tools of SAA to stay sober can ground each day in the principles of the program.  Attending meetings, staying in touch with our sponsor, prayer, meditation, program literature, and phone calls to SAA members are among the most widely used and are often considered the fundamental tools of SAA.  In different stages of our recovery, we might be drawn to different tools.  It is important to be flexible, as well as honest, about what we need to do to stay sober.  There are many tools, and they are all here to help us.

In early sobriety, it is sometimes helpful to commit daily to at least three things on paper.  Then, check them off or call your sponsor or another SAA friend to confirm that you have completed them.  This structure provides accountability and for some is a source of comfort.  Consider adding extra tools on days when the pull toward your addiction feels strong.  After years of acting out compulsively, it feels good to know that we are taking constructive action.