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Using the Telephone

The phone is a central tool of recovery for many addicts.  If you hear a share that you particularly relate to, or find yourself in a helpful conversation, feel free to ask for that person’s telephone number for the purpose of making program calls.  Remember to ask whether it is okay to leave a message or text.  Some people don’t reveal their SAA membership to the rest of their household.

We encourage you to keep reaching out.  Do not take it personally if someone prefers not to give out a number.  Nor should you feel obligated to give out yours.  It is suggested that we each honor our own needs in this matter.  It is also recommended that you not exchange phone numbers with people to whom you are sexually attracted.

Carrying a list of phone numbers with us is beneficial because we never know when we will face a challenging situation.  Some­times we need to call people to help start our day.  At other times, we may need to check in about current thoughts and behaviors.  Some suggest calling three people every day in order to build and maintain a support system.  The practice of making phone calls, even when you don’t have any particular reason, will make it easier when you need support.  If you are having a difficult day, consider using the phone to do service.  Reach out to others who are newer in SAA or who are having a hard time; it can do wonders for your mood and your sobriety.