Step Eight

January 28, 2021

January 28

“We may never be able to fully understand what those we have harmed have gone through, but we can ask for the…

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July 18, 2021

July 18

We can then admit our part and prepare to do whatever is needed to set things right, whether it is making direct amends, adjusting our attitude, or simply letting go…

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August 24, 2021

August 24

This process of becoming willing to make amends involves a deeper surrender to our Higher Power’s will than we have known before….

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August 25, 2021

August 25

In Step Eight we claim both our integrity and our compassion, and become willing to free ourselves from the guilt we have carried….

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September 3, 2021

September 3

If we feel overwhelmed in this way, we turn to the God of our understanding and to our program friends for support in facing the pain of our actions and finding the willingness to make amends….

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September 18, 2021

September 18

The God of my understanding requires that I take action. Just showing up was no longer sufficient. It was time to grow, to put my feet on the ground and not be a victim any longer. Again, easier said than done….

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October 26, 2021

October 26

Throughout this process, we carefully examine our motives, always balancing the willingness to take full responsibility for our wrongs with care and concern for the well-being of those we
have harmed….

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November 12, 2021

November 12

We also list people we harmed by our neglect, by not ‘showing up’ for our lives….

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